The Awakening (dedicated to the spicy senorita who awakens the Beast)

There is a sweet aroma tickling Lancelot’s senses as he squints his eyes open to the first rays of the morning Sun. He reaches instinctively to his left, and feels Julia’s petite shape sleeping soundly next to him… with her head propped on his chest. With a gentle touch, he brushes her jet black hair, tucking few loose strands behind her ear. She stirs a little as a smile forms on her lips.

“Shhhhh…,” Lancelot whispers gently as he nibbles a smooth kiss on them. “Hey you!” Julia retorts as flickers her ocean blue eyes open. “What time is it?” “Somewhere between sex and heaven,” he teases as he massages her chin with his thumb. “Wait… you’ve got something in here!” A little white lie that allows him to steal an everlasting deep kiss.

“Liar!” She teases as she punches Lancelot’s chest with a feminine finesse. “I gotta shower though.” As she attempts to rise, Lancelot wraps his arms around her and they both roll over. “You can not wash something that is not dirty yet,” he whispers. “Can you now?”

“Oh yeah?” She questions as she looks deep into his eyes… “Mhm…” he responds unconsciously for the truth reflects as a growing mass between her thighs. “No, no, no…,” she teases as she hangs tight onto his shoulders…… “Mmmm,” he growls as he softly presses his alpha presence in a nonnegotiable dance that tend to rub Julia’s sensations from head to toe. Unable to resist the excitement, her thighs part wider and more accepting… “You wish!” Lance teases as he slows down the foreplay. “Gimme!”, she begs, but Lancelot continues to play his slow excruciating denying tricks that drive her crazy beyond comprehension. He kisses her slow and deep again while she whines her needs and wants.

“Ahhh,” escapes her lips. Brisk and sharp as he finally gives her what she wants. The beginning always hurts. The deep thrust of ecstasy.

“Too big?!” He teases in rhetorics…. “Mmhhmmm, she nods her head…. “Ayyyyah.”

“Shhhhh….,” he teases as he points down motions down as he intensifies the thrusts deeper and heavier. “You will wake them…”

“Don’t you….., she gasps breathlessly between moans that keep getting louder and louder. “Wishhh… I… didddd?” Her brow risen in defiance. An image so angelic, it never ceases to misfire the coils of his existence. It always brought him to a grand finale not too long after her. Entangled together, breathing heavily in a meek attempt to recover their wonderfully wasted energy, he pulled Julia on top then they lost themselves in a deep kiss. Their minds billions of miles away tucked deep within the energy rays emanating from Venus.

“Shit, I gotta run!”Julia lifted her head from Lance’s chest for the second time this morning. It was a little past nine – thirty am, and she did not realize that they had dozed off again after the morning sexercise session. She has to be at the clinic in less than thirty minutes. Being the only one veterinarian for the county, requires her to open briefly on Sundays as well. With a roughly 3500 dogs and cats under her care, It is very hard to keep regular doctor office hours and not feel a burn out. Dressed in a plain Hanes tshirt and tights, she put on minimal make up and was on the way out the door.

Sitting in bed with his arms propped behind his head, Lance watched her as she got dressed and ready so very efficiently in so little time. “Love you,” he called after she closed the door. He was about to dive in for a few more snoozing minutes, when the door opened up again…

“Love you too! Actually would love you more if you could come down and take a look at my Cherokee? It doesn’t look right.”

Aha! Julia’s truck is in impeccable shape. She cares for it, just the same way that she does for her own well being. “You’re funny, smartass!” Lance chuckled as he got up and wrapped his arms around her waist.”How about we rephrase your statement… Say… Babe, would love you more if you could walk me out, since there is a body laid out and ready for viewing in a few hours and I can’t get past it without a little screaming and panicking!” Lance burried his face on her neck, smelling the nectar of her feminine aroma. “Thank you for reminding me!” He nibbled her neck, “Let’s walk you out, and yes in my boxers.”

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