The apparition (the hunch)

Deep freezing temperatures had plagued the ground. In the early hours of the morning, Danny Johnson was the only being alive in the Rosecourt cemetery. Taking a slow stroll among the stones, he would keep an eye to make sure that no grave robber would disturb the eternal guests. Suddenly Danny saw movement out of the corner of his eye. With his heart on his throat he turned to see a dark being standing few feet away.

“Hi there, mr Ghost. Please don’t hurt me.. I have a hunch, so I can’t outrun you.” “No you don’t,” – whispered the dark being. “Yes, I do,” – insisted Danny. “Nope. You don’t!” – the being whispered again with its disembodied voice. “But I do!” Danny insisted again. “Stretch yourself,” – ordered the ghost.

Danny stretched and to his surprise, his back felt straight as a pencil. “Thank you, mr Ghost! Thank you very much!” Danny cried with joy. He was overwhelmed from the astonishing feeling of youth one more time. “Don’t mention it,” said the dark being. “You have been good to us all these years. Take some time off, go home, rest some more.”

Grateful, Danny followed the dark beings’ advice and went home that morning. He woke up later in the afternoon. The room was filled out with beautiful hue of crimson red from the setting sun. Danny walked out to the balcony of his town home so he could enjoy a full stretch and soak in the marvelous views.

Steve, his next door neighbor was drinking a beer while he spotted Danny. Not believing his eyes, Steve asked Danny what happened to him. Danny explained to Steve in detail what unraveled in the early hours of the morning. He also told him the location of the grave where the apparition materialized from.

Few years ago Steve had suffered a freak accident, which left him with a limp. As soon as the hour hit midnight, Steve decided to go pay the entity a visit. He wanted the limp gone. Through a mix of excitement and nervousness, Steve inched his way closer to the particular stone. “Hello mr Ghost! I have a limp, so i can’t outrun you if you hurt me,” Steve called in thin air.

The night got darker… Thunder and lightning pierced the sky….. A disembodied sound boomed…… “Forget about the limp, sir. You got the hunch you gotta worry about”

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